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Guide to EverWing Quests

When we started playing EverWing, we never paid attention to the EverWing quests because we didn’t know any better. Until we noticed that leveling up your sidekick dragons takes A LOT of time if you play in the regular raid. So we found other ways. Basically, EverWing Quests allows you to send Guardians and sidekick dragons to gain XP and coins automatically, sorry but NO trophies 🙁 EverWing Quests  is one of the best ways to level up your sidekick dragons. Especially when your sidekick dragons are at the second or third level of evolution (Level 11 and up). You...

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How to get EverWing Legendary Sidekick Dragons

We all covet those EverWing Legendary Sidekick Dragons; however, getting them is not as easy. A cost of a Legendary Egg is 3500 trophies and we know that trophies are a scarce resource. You can also buy other eggs like Gold, or Magical Eggs; these are cheaper but has lower chances of hatching a Legendary Dragon. See below the chances of Getting a Legendary Sidekick Dragon for each type of egg. Related: Guide to EverWing Sidekick Dragons But there are other ways to increase your chances of getting a Legendary Sidekick Dragon. In this article, we’ll lay out some...

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How to Sell Sidekick Dragons in EverWing

Updated as of Sept. 26, 2017 Are you running low on resources? Sometimes, we just need that Arcane blast to defeat Spike at Level 10 Boss Raid; or sometimes we want to buy extra chest to maximize our rewards in Boss Raid. Whatever reason it may be, it’s OK 😉 As much as we don’t want to part and sell our beloved EverWing sidekick dragons, selling them actually is a good way to get coins and trophies. So, here’s a quick guide on how to sell your sidekick dragon in EverWing. How much do my sidekick dragons sell for? How...

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How to Earn More Coins in EverWing

By simply playing the EverWing game and killing monsters, you can naturally earn EverWing coins and trophies. But sometimes, we need more coins to buy power ups, upgrade the bullet level, unlock new EverWing Guardians, or buy some dragon eggs to get more powerful sidekicks. So we’ve listed here some of our proven ways to earn more EverWing Coins. How do you earn your coins faster? Let us know in the comments below. Related: How to get more Trophies in EverWing How to Earn More EverWing Coins? Use the Guardians to your advantage. Every EverWing Guardian has its own...

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Guide to EverWing Characters: The Guardians

Everything you need to know abotu EverWing Characters: The Guardians. Each EverWing Character/Guardian has their own abilities and special powers. You want to know who’s the best EverWing Character Guardian? Get to know them here. Alice | Fiona | Sophia Lily | Aurora | Lenore Jade | Arcana PRO Tip: How to Level Up Guardians Let us know in the comments below if you have questions or info that you want added here. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy Raiding! EverWing Characters: The Guardians Alice Guardian of Courage Special Abilities: N/A Cost: N/A Max. Bullet Power Level: 50...

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