By simply playing the EverWing game and killing monsters, you can naturally earn EverWing coins and trophies.

But sometimes, we need more coins to buy power ups, upgrade the bullet level, unlock new EverWing Guardians, or buy some dragon eggs to get more powerful sidekicks. So we’ve listed here some of our proven ways to earn more EverWing Coins.

How do you earn your coins faster? Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Earn More EverWing Coins?

Use the Guardians to your advantage.

Every EverWing Guardian has its own special abilities suited for specific purpose in the game. The best guardians to use to accumulate and collect the most coins in EverWing are:

  • Guardian Lily earns 2x coins. She doubles the coins you collected at the end of the round. She does not double the score nor XP only the coins.
  • Guardian Aurora attracts coins and items making sure that you collect the most coins
  • Use these EverWing Characters along side sidekicks with special abilities (see more below)

TIPS: You can also earn additional coins by unlocking Guardians (like Fiona, Aurora, Lenore, etc). You can also earn additional coins by Leveling up in the game.

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Use your EverWing sidekicks and their special abilities.

Maximize the abilities of your Rare and Legendary dragons to collect as much coins as possible. Look out for these special sidekick abilities:

  •  use dragons that doubles the gems (ex. Avi and Umbra- Legendary Dragon)
  • Item Spawn: use dragon that increases chance by 25% to get treasure chest  (ex. Glowbean- Rare Dragon)
  • Item Spawn: use dragon that increases chance by 40% for more rush flower (ex. Fea- Rare Dragon)
  • Item Boost: use dragon that makes the item effect duration longer to miximize effects of magnet or rush flower (ex. Xiaolong- Legendary Dragon)
  • Use this special dragons/sidekicks along with the Guardians mentioned above.

TIP: The special abilities of EverWing Dragons/sidekicks are in full effect regardless of their level.

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Not all items are equal.

Sometimes it’s impossible to collect all the coins that fall from the monsters. So you have to prioritize which items to collect first to get more coins at the end of the round.

  • Everwing Item- Purple Gem1 Purple Gem  = 10 coins EverWing Item - Coin
  • EverWing Item - Red Gem 1 Red Gem = 20 coins EverWing Item - Coin
  • EverWing Item - Aqua Gem 1 Aqua Gem = 40 coins EverWing Item - Coin
  • EverWing Item Treasure ChestTreasure Chest – contains lots of gems
  • EverWing Item - Magnet Magnet – attracts more items towards the Guardian
  • EverWing Item - Rush FlowerRush Flower – you can kill monsters and collect items at the same time


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Know your enemies.

I like to play my games smart and defeat enemies from whom I have most to gain. So I prioritize killing Armored Goblin and glowing monsters to get more gems. More gems, more coins!

  • Armored Loot Goblin gives more coins when you inflict damage. It also gives more trophies, items and gems when defeated. So don’t ignore him.
  • Glowing monsters means they have items inside of them. Target them first.

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Join Boss Raid Events

  • If you join Boss Raid events with your friends, you can claim chest rewards once you’ve defeated the boss.
  • Generally, the higher the Level of Boss Raids, the better Rewards you’ll get.
  • The higher the Treasure Level, the better rewards (Legendary chest> Epic> Platinum > Gold > Silver > Bronze > Wood chest). Treasure  Level depends on your damage contribution to the boss.
  • You can win as much as 200k++ EverWing coins in an Epic Reward Chest.

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If need be, sell your dragons.

We hate to part with out sidekick dragons, but if it must be done to collect more EverWing Coins, here are some guidelines:

  • The amount of coins you’ll get for selling your dragons depends on the rarity and the level of the dragons.
  • Generally, Legendary sells more than Rare > Common.
  • The higher the level of the dragon, the more coins its worth.

TIP: Mind that at Level 10, Level 20 (2nd level evolution), and Level 30 (Full evolution) the dragons are sold for trophies NOT coins. So make sure to sell at Levels 1-9, 11-19, and 21-29 if you need coins.

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Don’t ignore the EverWing Quests.

It took me a while before I discovered the wonders of EverWing Quests. Basically, you can send your Guardians and Sidekicks to automatically earn coins and experience. 

  • Higher level Quests (with higher rewards bonus) gives more coins and experience
  • Generally,
  • Deploying higher level Guardians and Sidekicks will increase your chances of better rewards (higher coins and XP)

TIP: If you use Lily, your coin rewards will also double. You can also use sidekick dragons that gets double gems.


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