We all covet those EverWing Legendary Sidekick Dragons; however, getting them is not as easy.

A cost of a Legendary Egg is 3500 trophies and we know that trophies are a scarce resource. You can also buy other eggs like Gold, or Magical Eggs; these are cheaper but has lower chances of hatching a Legendary Dragon. See below the chances of Getting a Legendary Sidekick Dragon for each type of egg.

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But there are other ways to increase your chances of getting a Legendary Sidekick Dragon. In this article, we’ll lay out some tips.

How to get Legendary Dragons in EverWing:

1. Boss Raids

You have a chance to hatch Legendary Eggs from the rewards when you defeated bosses in Boss Raids.

You have the best chances of getting Legendary Eggs if you get EverWing Treasure Levels - Platinum Chest - EverWing Tips Platinum, EverWing Treasure Levels - Epic Chest - EverWing Tips Epic, and EverWing Treasure Levels - Legendary Chest - EverWing TipsLegendary Chest from Level 8-10 of Boss Raids.

PRO TIP: There’s a special kind of Legendary Sidekick you can ONLY get from Boss Raids —EverWing Sidekick Dragon Raid Legendary Egg Raid Legendary. These sidekicks usually are more powerful and have special abilities.

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2. Legendary Bonus

When a player in your group hatches a Legendary Dragon (via buying an egg in the Dragon Roost or hatching from Boss Raids), EverWing shares this activity to everyone in your group chat (see pic for a sample notification).

The bonus starts with 5% when someone receives a Legendary sidekcick. This means that your chances of getting a Legendary Sidekick increases by 5%.

Legendary Bonus stacks up as more and more people get a Legendary sidekick at an increment of 5% per Legendary sidekick. That’s why it’s called “Group Shopping Spree”, the more people buys eggs and gets a Legendary Dragon, the higher the bonus stacks up.

Legendary bonus can stack up to a maximum 50%. This means if you normally have a 12% chance of getting a Legendary sidekick from a Gold egg and the Legendary Bonus is at a maximum of 50%, your chance may increase to 18% [12% + (50%*12%)]

You can claim each Legendary Bonus for a period of 1 hour from notification after which the bonus disappears.

PRO TIP: If you hatch a Legendary Sidekick, you can exit the game and go back to your group chat. You can claim the bonus again even if you click on your own Legendary bonus.