Everything you need to know about EverWing Items. From gems, to special items, to purchasable power ups. Learn what they do and how to use them.

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EverWing Items

You can naturally collect these items from playing EverWing game. These items are dropped when you defeat monsters and bosses. Learn what effects these EverWing items have and use them to your advantage.

PRO TIP: A glowing monster means they contain an item. Watch out for them.


  • 1 coin= 1 score
  • You can earn coins by killing monsters and bosses
  • 1 monster = 1 coin (coins per boss varies)

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  • 1x trophy dropped per boss or armored loot goblin defeated
  • Trophies can buy EverWing Booster Item- Arcane Blast arcane blasts, EverWing Booster Item- Speed Rush speed rush, EverWing Extra Item- Energy energy, and EverWing Sidekick Dragon Legendary Egg EverWing Sidekick Dragon Magical Egg eggs
  • You can also get more trophies by playing more missions, joining boss raids, or selling dragons. Refer to the post below.

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Purple Gem

  • 1 purple gem = 10 coins
  • +10 to score

Red Gem

  • 1 Red gem = 20 coins
  • +20 to score

Aqua Gem

  • 1 Aqua Gem = 40 coins
  • +40 score


  • Attracts items toward the Guardian for a ~10 seconds
  • Pull is only for a small radius around the Guardian so you’ll still need to move closer to the items to attract them

Rush Flower

  • Makes the Guardian invincible and destroys all monsters within their path (including treasure chests but not Armored Loot Goblin)
  • Rush flower lasts for a quick 3 seconds
  • If you get more than one rush flower, the rush timer resets when you get the next rush flower (ex. If you have a Rush Flower in effect and catch another one within 2 secs of the first one, the duration will be 2 sec + 3 secs)


  • Mushrooms grant double shot (twice the bullet power) to the Guardian for 10 seconds


  • increases the Guardian’s bullet level by 1 for the rest of the round
  • maximum level of 70 per game round

Treasure Chest

  • contains a lot of gems (contents may vary depending on wave)
  • Make sure to fire on it first to release and collect the gems inside. You can die if you accidentally bump into it.

Everwing Booster Items

These EverWing booster items can be purchased at the first 3 seconds of the beginning of a game round, both regular and Boss raids. Relay Totem, however, can be purchased a few seconds after your character dies. They can be purchased either with coins or trophies.

They have different effects and can be used for specific gameplays. Learn how you can use them below.

PRO TIP: If you die in the round and was not able to use the power ups, any power up left unused are already forfeited and will NOT be carried over the next game. So, make sure to maximize them.

Time Freeze

  • Amulet slows down the game by about 10 seconds. Can only be used once in a game
  • Costs 3000 coins
  • Can be used in Boss Raid and regular raids

Speed Rush

  • Speed Rush activates immediately after purchase and allows the Guardian to charge ahead and destroy everything in battle.
  • Fast-forwards the Guardian to skip waves 1-3 of monsters and straight to wave 4 boss (monster queen)
  • Costs 250 trophies
  • Can be used ONLY in regular raids. Cannot be bought in Boss Raids

Arcane Blast

  • Makes the Guardian indestructible and increases damage exponentially for about 3 seconds
  • kills all enemies including Meteors
  • Lasers can used 3 times in a game round
  • Costs 250 trophies
  • Can be used in regular raids and Boss Raids. Very useful to Level 8 and up Boss Raids

Relay Totem

  • Grants an extra life by summoning another available guardian after your character dies

  • Can be used in regular raids and Boss Raids
  • Costs 500  trophies

Notes: You have to have an AVAILABLE Guardian to be able to use Relay. If all your Guardians are in quests, there can’t be a relay. If you are to use it during Boss Raids, make sure to watch your time during the round. Sometimes, in our experience, it’s not worth it if you only have a few seconds remaining in the round.

EverWing PRO Tips:

  • There are Sidekick Dragons that has “Item Spawn”ability. These Sidekick Dragons increases chance to find items by 40% (ex. Xiaolong – Legendary Dragon,  Feri and Fea – Rare Dragon that increases chance of getting Rush Flowers)
  • There are also Sidekick Dragons that has “Item Boost”ability which extends the duration effects of items by 40% (ex.  Nym-Rare Dragon)
  • Sidekick dragon effects do stack, however, the second stacked effect is limited to 50% effectiveness. (Ex. Magnet usually lasts for 10 sec. If you use Nym sidekick (extends duration effects by 40%), magnet duration becomes  14 secs. If you use a 2nd sidekick that has 40% “Item Boost”, the effective extension is only 20% (which is 50% of 40%). Mathematically, (10sec x .4) + (10sec x .4 x .5) = ~16 seconds
  • Based on experience, if you catch items consecutively, they don’t linearly add up in duration. The timer resets when you get the next item (ex. If you have a Rush Flower in effect and catch another one within 2 secs of the first one, the duration will be 2 sec + 3 secs)
  • If you die and wasn’t able to use any of the power ups you purchased, these items are lost and won’t be carried over to the next game.