When we started playing EverWing, we never paid attention to the EverWing quests because we didn’t know any better. Until we noticed that leveling up your sidekick dragons takes A LOT of time if you play in the regular raid. So we found other ways.

Basically, EverWing Quests allows you to send Guardians and sidekick dragons to gain XP and coins automatically, sorry but NO trophies 🙁

EverWing Quests  is one of the best ways to level up your sidekick dragons. Especially when your sidekick dragons are at the second or third level of evolution (Level 11 and up). You need stronger EverWing sidekick dragons to defeat those high level Boss Raids. Related: How to Level up your Sidekick Dragons in EverWing

So here’s a quick guide and some tips for you about EverWing Quests.  Remember, don’t ignore them, use these quests to your advantage.

Let us know also how you maximize the quests in the comments below.


1. PRO Tips for EverWing Quests

2. All About EverWing Quests

3. Suggested Questing Sequence

PRO Tips for EverWing Quests:

  • You can send ONE Guardian and 1 to 2 sidekick dragons to quests.
  • You cannot send an equipped Guardian to a quest. You have to free the EverWing Guardian from the EverWing Academy to be able to send it to a quest.
  • The sidekick dragons GAINS XP points and coins in quests. NO trophies 🙁
  • The Guardians do not gain XP.
  • The higher the level of Guardians and sidekicks, the higher the chances for better rewards.
  • The Guardians’ special abilities apply to quests. Ex. Sophia the Adventurer can make a quest half as fast; Fiona can double the XP of the sidekick dragons sent to the quest with her, Lily can double the amount of coins you collect from the quest. Refer to this Guide about EverWing Guardians.
  • You can also use EverWing sidekick dragons that has special questing abilities that speeds up questing completion. (Ex. Estel – Rare Dragon)
  • When an EverWing Guardian and sidekick dragon/s are sent to quests, you cannot use them until they return. Once you send the Guardians and dragon/s this is FINAL. You cannot edit them anymore, so double check before hitting up “Go”.
  • Whenever a Quest is over, EverWing will notify you in Facebook Messenger. You have the option to “Claim”, “Claim and Resend” without entering the game.You also have the option to “Manage” if you want to change the dragons and/or Guardian in the Quest.

EverWing Quests:

Whispering Forest

Quest Time: 24hrs | Rewards: x 10 | Default

This is the default quest available to you when you start playing. Given the very long quest time duration and low rewards, I think this is the reason why it’s easy to dismiss the EverWing quests at first.

Mystic Island

Quest Time: 30 mins | Rewards:  x 1 | Unlock at Level 3

This is good for quick (but low) XP gains. An alternative if you need rest from playing a marathon of regular raid to level up your dragons. To maximize the XP, you can use EverWing Guardian Fiona to double the XP of the sidekick dragons.

Silverwind Desert

Quest Time: 2 hours | Rewards:  x 4 | Unlock at Level 8

In our experience a Level 1 Rare dragon would need 10-12 hours in Silverwind Desert to fully level up to Level 10.

Cloudpeak Mountains

Quest Time: 4 hrs | Rewards:  x 8 | Unlock at Level 13

We usually put a Level 11 and above dragons in this quest. We usually use this to max out Level 19 dragons to Level 20 from Neverend. Or those that came from Darkfire Volcanos.

Darkfire Volcanos

Quest Time: 8 hrs | Rewards:  x 16 | Unlock at Level 22

Based on experience, if you put a level 1 dragon with a regular Guardian in Darkfire Volcanos Quest, it will approximately level up from Level 1 to Level 8.

If you are not using Guradian Fiona for grinding in endless mode, it would be wise to send her to this quest so you can maximize the XP gains. This can max out a dragon to Level 10. But we usually use Darkfire Volcanos Quest to max out the XP of Level 27 dragons from Neverend to Level 30.

The Neverend

Quest Time: 24 hrs | Rewards:  x 48 | Unlock at Level 30

You would definitely want to use Guardian Sophia in this quest to cut the time in half. If you want to make it faster, you can also use Estel (arre dragon with 25% faster questing abilities).

We usually use this quest for Levels 11 or 21 onwards  to avoid wasting XP. Based on our experience, here are the XP gains of the sidekick:

  • Level 1 to 10 (with excess XP)
  • Level 11 to 19 (then, you can put it in Cloudpeak or shorter quests to max out to Level 20)
  • Level 21 to 27 (then, we put the dragons in Darkfire Volcanos to max out to Level 30)


Some suggestions for Questing Sequences to maximize the XP and Level up your dragons most efficiently:

Level 11 to 20

  • Never End (x1) with Guardian Sophia
  • Grind (if almost full) OR Silver Wind (2hrs) OR Cloud Peak (4hrs) depending on the need

Level 21 to 30

  • Never End (x1) with Guardian Sophia
  • Darkfire Volcanoes (x1) with Guardian Fiona OR (x2 )with a regular guardian
  • Grind remaining OR Silverwind Desert (2hrs) OR Cloud Peak Mountains (4hrs) depending on the need