In EverWing, there are two currencies – coins and trophies. By now, you already know how important trophies in EverWing are as a resource. Coins are easier to get but there is NO direct conversion from coins to trophies; meaning you can’t buy trophies using your coins. This makes trophies in EverWing very scarce and important resource.

First, Why do we need more trophies in EverWing?

  • Trophies can buy EverWing Booster Item- Arcane Blast Arcane Blast (regular and Boss Raids),  EverWing Booster Item- Speed Rush Speed Rush (regular raid)
  • Trophies can get you extra life with EverWing Booster Item- Relay Totem Relay Totem (both normal & Boss raids)
  • You can buy EverWing Extra Item- Energyenergy (to play more Boss Raids)
  • You can buy   legendary eggs (EverWing Sidekick Dragon Magical Egg Magical and EverWing Sidekick Dragon Legendary Egg Legendary Eggs for stronger dragon sidekicks)

So,how do we get more trophies in EverWing?

We’ve rounded up below some of our tried and tested strategies to get more trophies.

NOTE: If you have other tips and tricks on how to get more trophies in EverWing, please do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll all thank you for sharing your tips 😉

1. Regular Raid

When you play a regular raid (by dragging the screen to play),  you get a chance to get 1 trophy per boss or Armored Loot Goblin defeated (refer to picture: A – Boss Treasure).

For us, this is the slowest way to get trophies.

2. Rank Higher

Beat the score of your friends in regular raids or missions and get extra bonus trophies (refer to the picture).

  • (B) Friends Passed: awarded for passing friends (10 trophies per friend passed, limit 100 trophies per game and each friend every 8 hours)
  • (C) First Place Bonus*: if you get the highest score in a chat game, you can get 50 up to 200 bonus trophies. (25 trophies per friend in group chat game, limit of 200 trophies per game every 8 hours)


*PRO TIP: Once you get the first place in a group game chat, all you have to do is play again to get the bonus trophies  regardless of your score. This is true for as long as your score is in first place for that week because ranking is reset every week.

Ex. You scored 5000 in a group chat that placed you at First Place. If you play regular raid in that group again, you’ll get the bonus trophies even if you only scored 500 for as long as your score is still First Place in that group for that week. So if you play every day (or every 8 hrs) for that week, you’ll get the bonus trophies regardless of your scores in your subsequent games.  Once someone else scored higher and rank first, you won’t get the First Place Bonus anymore.

3. Mission Streak

You can play Missions in EverWing and for every mission that you finish, you get bonus trophies. Missions can either be playing with new players/group or reach a certain score.

  • (D) New Group Bonus: gives you extra 50 trophies (see pic)
  • (E) Mission Streak Bonus: number of mission streak x 10 trophies


EverWing Mission

4. Sell Rare/Legendary Dragons

You can also evolve your dragons then sell them to get more trophies. Dragons have different values depending on Type, Level and Evolution Stage. If you sell at level 10, 20,  and 30, you’ll get trophies. If you sell between levels 1-9, levels 11-19, and levels 21-29, you’ll get coins.

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Here’s a guide as to how much each dragon sells at different stages:

Level Common Rare/Epic Legendary/Mythic
10 5  🏆 20  🏆 40  🏆
20 30  🏆 150  🏆 300  🏆
30 200  🏆 800  🏆 1800  🏆

 Updated as of: Sept. 25, 2017

5. Join Boss Raid Events

If you play a Boss Raid Event with your friends and defeat the boss in each level, you’ll get a chance to open Treasure Chests as a reward. These Treasure Chests may contain coins, trophies, eggs (Gold, Magical, Legendary, or Raid Legendary), and special rewards (such as Arcana or Jade).

Your loot depends on 1) the level of the boss (higher level Boss Raids, more difficult to defeat, better loot) and 2) your treasure chest level in that boss raid (higher contributed damage, higher treasure chest level, better loot).

If your treasure level allows you to open only 2 chests, you can also buy additional chests, again with trophies!

TIP: For us, this is one of the better ways to get the highest number of trophies. Aim collect trophies at lower Boss Raid (levels 1-8) so you can buy more reward chest in higher Boss Raid (levels 8 onwards) to get higher chance of getting rare dragons/items from the loot.

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