Updated as of Sept. 26, 2017

Are you running low on resources?

Sometimes, we just need that Arcane blast to defeat Spike at Level 10 Boss Raid; or sometimes we want to buy extra chest to maximize our rewards in Boss Raid. Whatever reason it may be, it’s OK ūüėČ

As much as we don’t want to part and sell our beloved EverWing sidekick dragons, selling them actually is a good way to get coins and trophies.

So, here’s a quick guide on how to sell your sidekick dragon in¬†EverWing.

How much do my EverWing Sidekick Dragons sell for?

Generally, the value for selling a dragon depends on two factors:

  1. Rarity of the dragon. Legendary Dragon are worth more than Rare Dragons > Common
  2. Level of the dragon. The higher the level of the dragon, the more coins or trophies you’ll get when you sell.

Refer to the infographic below on the exact value of sidekick dragons in coins and trophies per level and rarity.


  • If you need more trophies, sell dragons at Level 10, 20, and 30. At these levels, the rewards you’ll get when you sell your sidekick dragon are trophies.
  • If you sell your sidekick dragons between Levels 1-9, 11-19, and 21-29, you’ll get coins in exchange for selling your EverWing sidekick.
  • The difference of value greatly varies depending on rarity. So, a Level 30 Rare Dragon has a lower value than a Level 30 Legendary Dragon.

How to sell Sidekick Dragon in EverWing?

Step 1:¬†From EverWing homescreen, Click on “Sidekick”

Step 2: Select Sidekick Dragon you want to sell.

Step 3: Click “Sell” at the bottom

Step 4: Review the Rewards and Click “SELL”

REMEMBER: Once you sell an EverWing Sidekick Dragon, it’s final and cannot be undone. So make sure that you have not much of a use for the sidekick dragon your selling.